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As above, So Below

Your Birth represents an Architypal Moment. Your Unique Energy Blueprint was activated at the moment of your birth, which corresponds with the exact positioning in the Cosmos- matching the patterns in time & space.


Cosmic Energy Services are a creative take on Deep Astrology mixed with Quantum Life Coaching for Mind Body Spirit Alignment & Self-Empowerment. Use the information to deepen your unique human experience by embodying the higher archetypes of your Cosmic Energy Design.

Astonomical Clock

Every Moment is a Miracle!

Ready to take a look at your inadequacy, and detangle the truth behind your seeming insignificance? Improvements in your life are much easier to obtain when you are reminded of why you are here on an architypal level. Transform your powerlessness into pure manifestation, sometimes so instantanious that you have to look twice. Yes, at your core you ARE that powerful.

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