Handmade Masks

We make wearing them fun.

Lightweight fitted design in Unique, Creative patterns.
Welcome To Limboea. We decided to make these masks because if we are going to be wearing them, we wanted to have a creative design that had unique features and handmade quality. Choose various styles available below. Many listings have different design options as well.

About our Face Masks



Ear Straps with thin elastic makes it easy to put on. We make them a little long, so you can trim to fit.



Printed Polyester outer with 100% cotton inner lining. This is a breaathable face mask.



Fits to the face snug. There is no wire, it's designed to hug your nose and chin and bit to keep it in place a little better than a basic face covering.

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What people are saying...


Sima L.

My husband loves this mask! Great quality materials and its breathable so he can wear it for hours at work with no issues.

Abbey S.

I accidentally had the product sent to our old address... the seller messaged me and fixed as soon as he received it back. The product is the quality we were looking for, something to wear day to day and very comfortable! Thanks!

Nick A.

The mask looked fantastic. The colors were vibrant and the material was great. The shipping process was quick, and the customer service was excellent! They got back to me within a few hours, and were able to help me, so I went ahead and ordered another! Great mask

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