This is the perfect mug for a friend, mentor, soul sister/brother, and more. It's Ceramic mug features a design of a Hexagram symbol and title from the Chinese I'ching, the 5,000 year old book of changes, with a colorful watercolor background.

You are welcome to choose any of the 64 different hexagrams. The Traditional Titles beneath the symbol are translations of the original.

Hexagrams 1-10 are pictured but I do have the rest available. If you want to see the image beforehand, just send me a message & let me know. :)

If you would like custom text or personalization on the back, send me a message and I'll set up a custom listing for 5.00 more.

The design is a sublimation print, it does not pick or peel off of the surface.

This item is breakable so be careful with it, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.

Chinese I Ching Hexagram Symbol and Traditional Title Ceramic Mug 15 oz.