This custom made DIY decal set is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to decorate their own drinkware.


Order this with the 3 letter monogram of your choice.

If you only want 1 or 2 letters that is ok too, just be sure to put the order you want in the note section- It typically goes fMl (First, Middle, Last names).

Choose the font you like best for your name or word from the drop-down menu.

This decal will be maximum 3.8" wide.



Application instructions included.

This is a Do it Yourself set, meaning that you will have to apply yourself to almost any surface.

These decals are made from permanent adhesive Oracle 651 vinyl and the special materials are of similar quality.

You do not have to apply to a water bottle, it can go on thermoses, lunch boxes, mirrors, laptops, windows, or any other smooth surface.

The adhesive on the back of these decals is not meant for walls though and will probably remove paint or mess up other porous surfaces.



NO refunds on decals. Please make sure you apply them carefully and straight because they do not come back up and not repositionable. If you mess it up, you can purchase another one, but I am not responsible for any errors made during the application process. Air bubbles are somewhat common when applying decals too quickly, but do normally work themselves out within a few days.

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