This is a fruit infuser bottle that comes in either red or purple color. The design is in black vinyl.

You have 2 options for the front design, you can choose:

  • OPTION 1: Hair dresser's pocket with the monogram in the middle
  • OPTION 2: Simple monogram design alone.


Water intake chart can go on the back for 2.00 more. (option in the drop-down menu)

The water bottle is 24 ounces and does fit into standard cup holders.

Put your monogram letters in the note to seller during checkout.
Typically people use their initials in the order of First Last Middle names. The last name's initial goes in the middle, but you can choose whatever order works best.

This fruit infuser bottle is great to infuse your water with fresh fruit flavor but also to infuse wine with fresh fruit SANGRIA flavor! Enjoy. :)

Your items will be wrapped in tissue and shipped in a durable shipping box.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - Monogram Design -hair dresser- two different design