This Glitter Galaxy Cotton Face Mask has cotton ties attached that you can tie around the back of your head and neck.
It is sewn by me with a sewing machine, along with the matching fabric ties.

The fabric is black with a repeating galaxy pattern all over it. It also has a sheen of glitter all over it but it is not a glitter that flakes off. It seems to be embedded in the material.

The inner layer and ties are in a hot pink fabric and ties are sewn with a black zigzag stitch.

The colors are fun to look at and the ties are long enough to tie cute bows at the back of your head and neck.

-Galaxy pattern design varies slightly.

*Please keep in mind that this is made with fabric by the yard. The mask that you receive in your order may look a little different, like planets and stars in different areas but it will pretty much look just like the photo, made in the exact same way with the same pink inner and ties.

Glitter Galaxy Cotton Face Mask with Ties - Dual layer 100% Cotton