Personalized water bottles make really fun gifts. The best thing about custom made gifts is if someone has a very unique name, they usually miss out on items with their name on them. This water bottle features a name (or word) on the front and a Heart Timeline Water Intake Chart on the back.

An encouraging water bottle is a visual guide and constant reminder to help you reach your water intake goals. By drinking only 2 of these bottles of water per day, (meaning you only have to refill it once) you will Exceed your daily suggested water intake. Anything more that you drink is a bonus to your health!

Large Straw Top Bottle. 10” High x 3.5” Diameter. This style DOES NOT fit in standard cup-holders.

What people love about these bottles, why they are so popular, is that they are larger than standard bottles at 36 ounces- and that it has a straw with a flip lid spout.

♡ Order Details:
Please leave the following in the Note To Seller Section during checkout-

  1. Name (correct spelling) OR Monogram initials in the order you want them to be in
  2. Font OR Monogram Style Choice- If you want me to choose for you, I'll make it in House Script or Monogram font that looks best.

If you forget to leave a name I'll message you to ask what name you'd like, if you do not reply in 3 days I'll ship it with the first name on the receipt.

You can choose a different lid color- colors available are Blue, Violet, and Green- ** Currently OUT of Black and White lids**
be sure to put your preference in the note to seller section as well.

♡ If no notes are added on your order, I will make this just like the picture.

Pictured is:

  • Iridescent Opal Design Color
  • Moonlight Font
  • Heart timeline chart
  • Purple lid.

Name Water Bottle - Personalized - Motivation Bottle - Hourly Drink Bottle