This oil was created during a time in my life where I was deep in self-exploration. It was intentionally designed for the big 3 areas of focus that aisst me on my journey of Self-Discovery which are

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Self Assurance
  • Self Appreciation


These oils were created in a small batch jar and set out on the balcony with Citrine and clear quartz where they sat and absorbed the energy from 6 lunar and solar cycles of light in the first half of 2020. This light brought powerful changes into our reality and continues to do so.


During the time that the oils were being charged by Cosmic 2020 Energy,  I studied and focused on my experience during these lunar and solar cycles, as if in Earth School, completely going through the process of self-discovery, finding self-acceptance, and learning self-assurance, and how to express self-appreciation. I set intentions to share my findings with my online Self-Discovery Community. 


The big 3 I speak of are:

Self-Acceptance- We face many issues and inner conflict when we do not accept who we are within. It's often because we have no clue how incredible we really are. And doubt it when others point out glimpses of our brilliance.


Self Assurance- Life seems to put us to the test sometimes. Isnt it amazing how we always seem to make it through to the other side? Having your back no matter what takes courage and grit. Self Assurance takes faith in yourself that you are competent enough to handle anything life throws your way.


Self Appreciation - Appreciate yourself because you are doing the best you can with what you have and know. When you know better, you do better, and that matters. Its about honoring the old, wise woman you will someday become by nurturing her life with good feelings. Giving thanks to how far you have come, how good you take care of yourself, for how hard your body works for you, and how whole you feel. Appreciation always lifts the vibe.


Use the oils during your morning routine to start your days with intention for the best of you to shine out. This oil is all about you getting a good feel for how your gifts shine out into the world.


It is my deepest desire that this oil assist you in reaching your next level self.


Each of my signature blends will work on healing the mindset and frequency expressed around certain trying human issues we all face. Oils heal on different levels. Using the oil for intentions and for healing are part of many wholeness programs and daily spiritual practices. It is helpful to inhale the essences of plants for the aroma therapy benefits they have shared with us for millennia.


May this creative potion help you ground your unique personality into this human life and be expressed with confidence for others to admire.


The bottle is glass with brushed glitter accents and a vinyl decal that says Twinkle and then it is coated with a permanent epoxy so that the glitter and decal never come off. When you finish all of the oil in the bottle, you can refill it with the oils of your choice and reuse it.


For added energy infusion, there are mini crystals in each bottle.


This blend has crystals of Carnelian for it's Grounding & Stabilization properties, and Black Tourmoline for it's Protection and Cleansing properties inside.


Twinkle Signature Essential Oil blend for Self- Acceptance

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Limboea Creative Oil
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Limboea Creative Oil
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  • Roll on to pulse points, inner arms, and or wrists and inhale the aromatic plant's medcinal properties working their way into your ofactory system. Set intentions of self acceptance, self assurance, and self appreciation by affirming- I am here for a reason. I am loved, guided, and directed by Spirit. Life loves me & I love life.