Cosmic Energy Reading W/ Text Chat

Your Cosmic Energy keywords, activation descriptions, and a 1:1 chat.

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Virtual Chat Via Email

Service Description

Awaken and align your personal development with a Cosmic Energy Reading that is in PDF format to come back to time & time again. This reading is a unique blend of architypial keywords and descriptions to rouse your spirit and help you remember who you are at a cosmic level. The cosmic energy that will be covered in this reading is about the way your energy centers function and how they are activated. Learn how different energy flows through you and from others to you and creates a non verbal communication between you and others in connection. Get the keywords that "clicks" in your understanding with more differentiated energy than the standard 12 zodiac signs. This is more pin pointed and specific for more resonance and self-awareness. Explore this PDF reading often as you grow and change to uncover even more resonance to your inner architypes for total self-mastery. Comes with a 30 minute text chat via email where you can ask me any questions about your energy and I will give informed and intuitive responses to assist in grounding the information into your current life expression. *For all readings- Please provide Birth Date, Place, and Time. If you do not know your birth time, some data points will be left empty but can still provide with an impactful reading, just not as much as possible with the birth time. Also, if you do not know your birth time, do not guess because that could get very confusing for you on your self discovery journey. This reading also comes with a FREE bonus resource sheet for further studies and exploration. (30.00 value!)

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